Dai Duong Co.,Ltd was established in 2008, formerly as Dai Duong EPS Foam workshop had been operated since 1992. With the workforce consist of experienced technicians in EPS material, Dai Duong Co.,Ltd can fulfill best with the need of our customers in EPS products such as:

  • EPS insulation boxes for keeping ice, food with wide range of size
  • EPS blocks and panels for insulation with demanded dimension and density
  • EPS foam inserts for protection of variety products

Beside, Dai Duong Co.,Ltd has expertise in:

  • Making small quantity EPS foam inserts for variety of products in short period of time
  • In-house mechanical workshop is specialize in design and produce EPS mold for EPS products that have small quantity orders with lowest possible cost

EPS products of Dai Duong Co.,Ltd are made from genuine EPS material. Products are all being supervised and ensure best quality when reaching to customers.

Our company is very please to cooperate and develop with our customers